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March 24, 2017


As I promise I update my blog on Saturday. For my first blog Im gonna talk about should and shouldnt buy refrence book. This refrence book I use when I in Form 4 and Form 5. I will review this book. Btw im from science stream so I review science book

Many people said this subject is killer subject. Yes me too. I think its kinda membazir if you buy refrence book for add math. I highly RECOMMENDED you guys to buy this exercise book from  pelangi.

Why this book?

- This book will guide you from A to Z. Even Form 1,2,3 basic. 
- This book will show all method to solve the question
-This book have Bahasa Melayu and English
-Form 4 and Form 5
-There other subject too


 This book is my exercise for biology subject and I find it really good. It really help me when I do revision. If you want to buy, I recommend you to buy teacher version.
Why this book?
- Have picture that can help you

This refrence book im NOT RECOMMENDED YOU TO BUY because it blabering about something not in syllabus. This book also doesnt have important notes.


This book is exercise for chemistry subject but I find it really helpful. It RM 15. It have notes that very important. But I dont think it sell at book store. My teacher get it for our school. The book is just note and have exercise.

Why this book?
-It have blank page on left side. You can take note 
- All experiment in this book

My Chemistry refrence book is good. But i prefer FOCUS from pelangi. My book is also good but some of the experiment pelik dari kita belajar.


This book same with my biology book. This book also good. It really help me. If there meaning of Newton Law the font in bold so we know it important note
Why this book?
-In dwibahasa
- Have experiment
- Have exercise every sub topic it help you to understand.

For my refrence book, I like it. It same brand with my Chemistry refrence book. It have all important notes.


This refrence book also same brand with physic and biology but im not prefer you guys buy this book. I highly recommended you guys to buy or borrow sejarah text book. The notes is really helpful especially if there have Info at the left or right side of the text book. If you buy you can highlight the important notes. If you borrow from school you cant highlight it. But when I borrow school book I also highlight it. Haha.

That all my recommended book for you guys. Hope all of you enjoy my first blog. See you next week.

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